Ladies Styling Workshop

Salsa Ladies Styling Weekend Workshop


Ladies, do you always feel like you do the same moves/styling in your Salsa and lacking new inspiration?
Or simply going blank on the dancefloor when you are given the space by your dancepartner to style or freestyle?
Sign up for the L.A. Ladies Styling Workshop – and give yourself the chance to focus on YOU!

I learn you Ladies Styling / the historic L.A. Salsa. The L.A. Style Salsa, usually danced “On 1”, is a flashier version of New York Style Salsa moves. For me its very important that you know how the historic L.A. Salsa is and then improve and get your own style.

I will for example teach you:

* Sexy Moves
* The Hollywood Arm Styling
* Spin Techniques
* Footwork

See me teaching Ladies Styling together with my Dance Group here: